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LG HD Demo: Cinema 3D World 2

Video Clip Demo by LG
Cruise Edwards : Yo
Jahid Amin : very ggod
Christopher Lewis : Sucks I have the LG 3D tv this is not 3D
kichu shaji : how to download this
KPRS KARTHICK : super real 3d

LG Setup Guide 47LM6200 Cinema 3D TV

LG HOW TO Setup Guide 47LM6200 Cinema Smart LG Flat Screen 3d TV Connecting to internet, one of the top 5 Best 3d TV Sets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eexPpmtgWpg
wilson de la cruz : or a sony 46 KDL46HX850
ge be : I tried several video games with TruMotion set to smooth and I've yet to see any delays. In fact, i'm really loving the TV. However, I'm experiencing a problem with the right speaker; it makes a buzzing/humming noise which gets pretty annoying because it vibrates along the stand. Have you experienced anything similar with your internal speakers? Mine makes the noises at volumes higher than 20.
Clifton Photographer : Great hands-on Video,better than most. Just to let you know though,at 5:49 you talk about using the TV remote ONLY for basic remote. You CAN program the TV remote to work with your cable box.
Go to Input List.
Look on the bottom right of the screen for the message:
Set the set-top box manipulation.
It will ask for the model,maker and your provider's name.
This should let you program the TV remote to control your cable box.
Hope that helps some people.

DeTodoaLoTico : is that the only remote that comes with ?
Edwin Villamizar : Nombre la entrada HDMI que esta conectado a la PS3 a PC y desactive el truemotion

LG CINEMA 3D - demo

LG CINEMA 3D - demo
Tim The Enchanter : if this tv uses passive 3d. youre better of with active... never it could produce full hd 3d cause it let you watch through glasses that cuts half of the lines in vertical or horizontal resolution otherwise there is no 3d effect possible. this is a scheme...
SledgeNE : That is the reason i love LG. ^^
Kyle Gatillo : Why does the Samsung smart 3-D TV this is glasses are is clicker please template get Flickr as well as the MG why does not Flickr why is that?

Bruno Monteiro : tudo merda
Orlando Merisier : 3D


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